SaveInCloud for Developers

Automatic Scaling

SaveInCloud provides vertical and horizontal scaling, allowing your applications to use only the required resources.

High Availability

Application instances are replicated automatically. Isolation of application resources leads to less application downtime and maximum availability.

Pay as You Go

We offer truly flexible and elastic pricing. It is based upon resource usage so that you pay only for resources used by applications.

Docker Support

Docker is an open platform for developers, sysadmins and DevOps to build, ship, and run distributed applications. SaveInCloud makes Docker ® containers production-ready and manageable

Data center in Latin America

SaveInCloud Data center location ensures high availability of applications for users in Latin America

Ready to install applications

Dozens of ready to use applications such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and other

SSD drives

High perfomance of your applications

Dell servers

All of our hardware is based on Dell Server Technology

Daily backups

Backups are performed daily for all customers without no additional costs.


Set up your environment in seconds

Choose the resources and set the limits for automatic scalability. Within seconds your application is already available. A load balancer is switched on automatically if you choose to have more than one instance.

Wide range of programming languages, frameworks and databases

Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby and .NET applications can be deployed in minutes. A wide array of app servers (Tomcat, Tomee, Jetty, Glassfish, Apache, NGINX, IIS, etc.) and databases (MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL) provide the broadest range of application support.

Fully Elastic Price

Jelastic SaveInCloud offers flexible and elastic prices for developers and development companies. Our prices are based on a resource unit called cloudlet (Each cloudlet equals to 128MG RAM and 200MHz CPU). You can set a minimum and maximum number of cloudlets and these will be reserved for your application if you instantly need more or fewer resources. If you want to have a fixed cost every month, simply set a fixed number of cloudlets for your environment.

One-click publishing

Just upload your designs and choose the desired setting. If your environment has multiple compute instances, the Jelastic SaveInCloud can automatically update all of them.

Post via GIT and SVN

You can publish any public or private project in Jelastic SaveInCloud via GIT/SVN. If any changes were made to your code, just update it from GIT/SVN with just one click.

Version control

There was an error in the new version of your code? Do not worry. Just revert to the last version! The Jelastic SaveInCloud maintain a history of all versions of your code. Simply select on the control panel the version you want to revert and everything will be as before.

Elasticity vertical

The Jelastic SaveInCloud platform is the only cloud service that allows horizontal and vertical elasticity automatic, in any application, to change the resources (CPU and RAM) selected. From the moment that the loading an application increases, the platform simply add more resources available to it. When the load falls, the resources are reduced automatically.

Only pay for what you use

The billing model is completely flexible and dynamic and can change its limits at any time according to your need (or even put your application in hibernation from being charged this period). Only pay for the resources you use, neither more nor less.

Test 14 days for free


The Jelastic Cloud has a unit of measure, the Cloudlet:


128 MB RAM


400MHz CPU


The more cloudlets you use, the less you pay


Fixed cloudlets are available and charged in on-going basis.


Flexible cloudlets are dynamically added or removed, and charged basing on the actual hourly usage.

Online Calculator

Additional resources

Resources, charged by the usage

per hour
Storage SSD
US$ 0,0003/Gb
Public IP
US$ 0,0093/ip
US$ 0,0036
Windows license per container
US$ 0,0333
Storage SSD
US$ 0,24/Gb
Public IP
US$ 6,72/ip
US$ 2,64
Windows license per container
US$ 24,00
in GB
US$ 0,08
Internal traffic between hardnodes
is free and unlimited

The price is calculated the average number of hours spent within the month.

Backup FREE*

*Please check the backup service settings with our Support team.

SaveinCloud Technical Details

Check the languages, databases, application servers, tools and capacity.

Ruby version

Ruby 1.9.3

Ruby 2.0.0

Ruby 2.1.8

Ruby 2.2.4

Ruby 2.3.0

PHP version

PHP 5.3

PHP 5.4

PHP 5.5

PHP 5.6


Java version




Node JS version

Node 0.10

Node 0.12

Node 4.2

Node 4.3

Node 5.1

Node 5.6

Python version

Python 2.7

Python 3.3

Python 3.4

Python 3.5

.Net version

.Net Framework 4.5

Instances Virtual Elásticas

Centos 7.2

Windows 2012 Datacenter Edition


MySQL 5.6

MySQL 5.7

MariaDB 5.5

MariaDB 10.1

PostgreSQL 9.5

Perconadb 5.6

MSSQL 2012

MongoDB 2.6

MongoDB 3.2

CounchDB 1.6

Cassandra 2.2.4

Cassandra 3.0

Neo4j 1.9

Neo4j 2.3

Neo4j 3.0

OrientDB 1.7.4

OrientDB 2

Redis 2.8

Redis 3.0

Application servers

Tomcat 6.0

Tomcat 7.0

Tomcat 8.0.30

Tomcat 9.0

TomEE+ 1.7

Jetty 6.1

Jetty 8.1.17

Jetty 9.3.7

Glassfish 3.1

Glassfish 4.1.1

Jboss 7.1

Railo4 9.1.3

SmartFoxServer 2

Wildfly 8.2

Wildfly 9.0

Wildfly 10.0

Apache 2.4



Performance and Load Balancer

Memcached 1.4

Haproxy 1.6.3

Varnish 4.1.0

Publishing forms

Docker support

Deployment via Zip/War/Ear

Deployment via GIT or SVN Maven

Plugins for Maven and Ant

Automatic installation via Marketplace

JVM-based languages







Unlimited amount of environments

Up to 16 instances per environment

Up to 64 Cloudlets per instance (which equals to 8gb RAM and 25.6 GHz CPU)

Unlimited disk space*

*Available on demand

Capacity on Trial

Up to 2 environments

Up to 4 instances per environment

Up to 8 Cloudlets for each instance (equivalent to 2 GB, 3.2 GHz))

3 GB of free disk space per instance

Test 14 days for free


SaveInCloud LATAM

The SaveInCloud LATAM is a company focused on Cloud solutions in Latin America.

Headquartered in Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo,, It has the advanced infrastructure, that provides high quality services with technical support in Spanish, Portuguese or English to all customers in Latin America. The SaveInCloud infrastructure is located in datacenters in LATAM that helps to meet the highest demands of our customers. Our Company's data centers provide the highest redundancy in all systems - from the air conditioning to the networks. All projects are based on a robust infrastructure that ensures superior efficiency and security to customers.